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Monday, June 27, 2011

To Microwave or Not To Microwave; That is the Question. -OR- They Sure Don't Make Them Like That Anymore!

So as I got about my life cleaning out the clutter that is my past 24 adult years, I got rid of my microwave.  The microwave is a Panasonic Dimension 4, similar to the one pictured below, from 1986.
Not a photo of mine - I googled this image!

My army boss in Germany (so to speak) was MSG McCall, a black man from Virginia a little younger than my Dad and as trusted, told me all the good things about a microwave: Speed of heating, savings on electricity, ease of use.  So, my then husband and I took off down to the Military PX (AAFES) and purchased the MAC DADDY MUTHA of microwaves...  The Panasonic Dimension 4 convection oven/microwave. Stainless lit interior, dual voltage (110-220), powered carousel and a black enameled oven rack!  I had never used a microwave. Did not grow up with one!

Let me just say - you really can burn things with a microwave when you are new to the concept of nuking your food!  Think charcoal chicken breasts.  I never did learn to properly COOK food in a microwave because I never found I liked the texture or taste of food COOKED in a microwave. I did use it to heat up leftovers, melt chocolate and butter, boil water and etc. I never really cared for the convection oven experience. Mainly because I used it so infrequently that the heating elements would stink up the kitchen when burning off dust.

Flash forward to 2011 and the nuker still works. This microwave has never had a service call. Never let me down. Moved from Germany (and 220 electric) back to America (110) and from PA to MD to PA to TN to PA to TN and TN and TN. The only thing I ever did to it was a one-time lamp replacement.  It kept the time in the kitchen, worked as my timer, heated my food and took up approximately 3 cubic feet of space.  Yes, I suck at estimating space, but this is a big microwave.

Now I have a new life in an old house. I hate cleaning but have turned anal about it anyway. I have been purging items out the door as I run across that which is cluttering my life.  A cluttered life is a stressful life (good topic for another time).

My lovely daughter, who was born 6 or so months after we purchased that dinosaur 25 years ago, wants the microwave. It is now stored away until she and her Fiance can make a trip down to TN or I make a trip up to see them.

I am convenience free.

So, during the first 3+- weeks of being microwave free, here is the list of things I missed about that hunk of metal hogging up counter-space:
  • The timer.  I used it because it was so quick and easy to set. 
  •     Solution: Use the one on the oven. Duh...
  • The clock.  It always kept perfect time (unlike my car clock that runs fast at a perpetual rate).
  •     Solution: Who cares about time (or just use cell phone clock).
  • Melting butter.  I make a lot of foods that require melted butter.
  •     Solution: Put the butter in a pyrex measuring cup and either sit it next to the hot eye on the stove or in the grill - depending on which one I am cooking with when I need melted butter.
  • Heating water. I used it to boil water quickly for soups, teas and etc.
  •     Solution:  Uh, use the tea pot on top of the stove and get over it.
  • Heating up leftovers. Self explainatory.
  •     Solution: Either heat them in a pot or in the oven. Pot on top of the stove is fastest way.

I am not missing this hunk of counter-hogging metal.  My daughter will be excited to have it.  I hope none of us glow from leaking radiation.

Life is good and getting simpler.

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