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Monday, January 19, 2015

Chili on the Fly

So I was off today. MLK day. I got up this morning and decided it was a good chili day.  I didn't feel like making my usual Beer Chili today. So, I just made chili up using what I had in the house.  I didn't feel like leaving the house to the store either.....

Besides, it's time to use stock up and by fresh...

So out comes the slow cooker.

In the end I used:

A big can crushed tomatoes.
About a pound of ground turkey that I bought some time ago, fried up and froze for just such times like this...
3 cloves garlic peeled, crushed, chopped.
Half a large sweet onion, finely chopped.
A small can tomatoes paste.
One bottle light beer.
A half cup water, heated.
5 beef bouillon cubes dissolved in that hot water.
Salt/pepper to taste.
1 tsp sugar (cuts the acid).
A few dashes hot sauce.
A few dashes LIQUID smoke.
Half pound cranberry beans, dehydrated and pre-cooked.
4 tsp chili powder.
3 leftover strips of bacon, fried, and broken up.

I poured all LIQUID and spices into a slow cooker and turned it on high.
I cooked bacon in fry pan. 
I thawed the ground turkey and put it in the bacon grease, fried it a little further along with the garlic and onion.
I rinsed the dry beans, and quick soaked them per package directions. Then cooked the beans.
I tossed everything left into the slow cooking mixture.
Turned it down on low after an hour, stirring whenever.

Served with the classic choice of saltine crackers and shredded cheddar on top.

Dinner done.

And, I used up the dried cranberry beans that no one liked cooked alone and finished off a package of bacon that needed used up before it got old.....

I'm trying to cut down on unnecessary waste.

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