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Friday, June 17, 2016

Takeya ThermoFlask - Insane Review

I realize this isn't a recipe, but it is food/drink related in my book!

So this week several co-workers were drinking out of these huge metal bottles and I poked a little fun them because these bottles were rather large (40 oz.) - looked like little babies drinking out of a bottle!

Then they told me - "these keep cold products cold for up to 24 hours."

And I said "where did you get these?"

"Costco - $35 for a two pack."

I go over to Costco and search the mondo-shelves and found the two pack crate. There were tons of the stainless and green combination. None of us were very impressed with the Green color and I would say, by the number of two packs containing the green, a lot of folks don't like them. I dug around and I think I saw a pack with a white flask - not my thing. I found a stainless/black combo and off I went to checkout to buy my 'big baby bottle 2-pack'...

I reveled in my $35 buy since they are going for $31+ - EACH - online.

I loaded up the black one with ice at 5:30am the next morning, poured tea in, and headed off to work. That was Wednesday this week. It is now Friday morning and there was still a little ice floating.

26 hours after filling with drink and ice
Thursday morning I poured more tea in and headed off to work. This morning, at 6:00am, there was a little ice left. Not enough to matter, but obviously the water in there was cold! So, we are talking 2 full days and nights.  I admit I did not pour new drinks more than 3 times - but still...

The only issue is I still feel like I am drinking from a huge baby bottle. I need to see if they have a huge straw attachment.
The ice is level with my thumb at 26 hours

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