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+++Enter At Your Own Risk+++ At the gentle nudging (I said gentle y'all) of a few friends, I have started these blogs in order to share my culinary goings-on and daily misadventures through my own brand of humor (ok, sarcasm). I just write about stuff! At 50, I have learned that living has gotten in the way of life - and I am going to blaze my own personal trail to fun (hopefully)! If it is feminine, great. If it is not, so much the better! Hopefully fun that does not land me in jail............

Monday, April 4, 2011

What The ??????: Skookum?

I just find humor in these photos.

Yes, shut up and drink the coffee.
Halo Wau-Wau, Muckamuck Kaupy

Skookum can mean "best", "first-rate", "ultimate", "Good hearted", "water", "stream", "lake", "monster", or a specific souvenir doll...  All qualities I expect of my morning crack fix...


  1. I am going broke at Starbucks. Earned a gold status card with my name on it... Now I have found their recipe for my liquid crack addiction. I just have to work on it! I guess I should have a Starbuck's Crack Recipe section? LOL


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