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Monday, April 4, 2011

What The ??????: WHY?

So Mom and I went to Sam's Club.  While there I thought I would find some large institutional jars of food - eat the contents and use the jars for making Kimchee and Kraut!
Less than $4 for the jumbo pickles!  Yes, I luvs me some pickles y'all!
Around $7 for the marinated Artichoke Hearts!  I luvs those also!
I do not remember the cost of the Five Bean Salad, but I thought I would try it out and if I did not approve of its taste, I would simple doctor it up and eat it anyway!


  1. THAT is why I love the Sam's Club!! I will be looking forard to a post about your Kimchee!!!

  2. I have a post on Jan 3 and a follow-up in March. I am far from done with Kimshee posts though! lololol

  3. I officially want to tag along on your next Sam's trip! Do they have big jars of bar olives, by any chance? Oh, and did you know that there's a rumor we're going to get a Costco on Outlet Drive off of Lovell when the New Farmer's Market opens up that whole parkway - it's going to connect all the way down to Campbell Station like Turkey Creek does. Yay us! :)

    But seriously, give me a yell next time you go to Sam's.

    ~ Dawnie


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