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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Easiest Cornbread Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mother has been making corn bread for longer than I have been around. She never had bothered to write down the recipe until the prison my Dad worked at published a cookbook by the employees... "Doing Time in the Kitchen" Pictured on the cover is Brushy Mountain Prison in Morgan County TN. Needless to say, every time my mother tried to teach me to make the corn bread, I only got confused. She would say "Put about this much corn meal, then some bacon grease, then mix in enough milk to make it thinner than you would think it needs to be. Now, the moisture of the cornmeal can be different from bag to bag depending on the moisture of the corn, the day it was ground and etc." YOU GET THE POINT! It was all subjective and made my head spin. SO - when Mom finally wrote it down and worked it out - the clouds parted, angels sang and I was happy!

I grew up on WHITE cornbread in the house while every-time we went out to eat, the cornbread was yellow... WHAT IS YELLOW CORNBREAD? THIS IS STRANGE... Yes, I like white cornbread and it does taste different than yellow.

And, without further ado - The recipe!

White Cornbread

1 c Three Rivers self-rising cornmeal (There are other brands, this one is local to us)
3 T bacon fat or margarine or butter
3/4 c Sweet milk

Preheat oven to 450F degrees

Put up to 1 T bacon fat or margarine in an 8 inch seasoned iron skillet and heat on the stove eye (should be hot but not smoking hot).

In a bowl, mix cornmeal, 2T bacon fat or margarine/butter and the sweet milk (just meaning not buttermilk). I use a fork to mix - but hey, use what you want - right?

The mixture is going to seem a little runny, but it works...

Pour into the hot skillet, place in oven and bake 15-18 minutes.

Turn out on a plate and revel at what you have done. Ogle it - love on it when it won't burn you! If you lick it or drool on it - don't get caught....

Serves 2-4 people

This cornbread is: 
  • Super plain
  • Be served with many meals 
  • Takes no effort, time, or talent (thus I can bake it)

You can fancy it up with corn or spices or whatever you would like.


  1. I can't master cornbread just one of those things...

    1. I can't bake cookies....................
      But you, Rebekkah, CAN make this one - IF - you have a proper skillet (size and seasoned).... And if you don't - by georgie - I will find you one.


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