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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Unsung Sammich

I will not insult you all by explaining how to make a sandwich or with what to make it. However, I will explain that I do subscribe to the notion that a sandwich is a sandwich and a sammich is perfection....  I just want to share with you all how wonderful a simple sammich can be. 
I believe a sammich:

  • might not be made of the best ingredients, but they are made of the 'right' ingredients
  • is the holiest of sammiches
  • made by someone else is always tastier than one you make - even if they are exactly the same

It was a relatively quiet day at work and a co-worker and I decided we would share fix'ns for sandwiches. 
Grocery list:

  • Store brand bread (88 cents)
  • P&P Loaf cold cuts ($1.50)
  • Oscar Meyer (yes I had to sing it to spell it) bologna (10 for $10)  
  • Romaine lettuce hearts ($3)
  • Vlassic dill relish (10 for $10)
  • Grainger County tomato ($1.20)
  • Store brand american cheese slices ($1.50) 
  • We had mayo and mustard packets and already had sea salt and peppercorn medley mills 
 So, grand total for this meal? $10.08 

But wait, there's more!  This served up 3 sammiches and a small tomato salad today.  Tomorrow we only have to invest in a tomato and we can make 6 more sammiches and still have some leftover fix'ns cluttering the fridge to go with again!  

You do the math!

One would think this was not some special event - making up sammiches and all....  However, we discovered that RebaK was right - you can nuke bologna and turn it into fried bologna (which caused my co-worker to do the "happy dance" in the kitchen and I could not film it...) and that moaning in the office while eating these sammiches did not bring anyone running to see what was going on (and realistically, the moaning SHOULD have gotten someone's attention - seriously...).  

These sammiches were the shiznit!  

They made an otherwise droll day better!

!!!Go Sammiches!!!

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