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+++Enter At Your Own Risk+++ At the gentle nudging (I said gentle y'all) of a few friends, I have started these blogs in order to share my culinary goings-on and daily misadventures through my own brand of humor (ok, sarcasm). I just write about stuff! At 50, I have learned that living has gotten in the way of life - and I am going to blaze my own personal trail to fun (hopefully)! If it is feminine, great. If it is not, so much the better! Hopefully fun that does not land me in jail............

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Comfort Foodz: Sophisticated Red-Neck Breakfast

I drug my hungry arse up out of the bed this morning - after going to bed Early last night! This week has been busy and tiring....

The plan was to go to the Big Kahuna Wing Festival - and you can read a short description on how that went for me - on "This Gal's Fishing Adventure."  I was drag'n-round the kitchen like a zombie-apocalypse-non-survivor in tattered shorts and over-sized t-shirt from a strip club (do not ask what I did to get that shirt), foraging for food when I found bologna (in-date no less), and 2 fancy cheeses (not molded) buried in the fridge!  Sometimes it pays to go spelunking in the fridge...

My sophisticated red-neck breakfast was served up on a paper-towel and carried on top of the iPad Mini to the couch where I ate all by myself!

In detail I had:

Good old Oscar Mayer ($2.99)

Cablanca Goat Gouda ($15.99 per pound)

100% goat milk
Delicate citrus flavor

Maple Leaf Wisconsin Farmers Cooperative Smoked Gouda ($7.99 per pound)

Milk, salt, vegetable rennet
Light smoky bacon flavor

Life is good y'all!

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