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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kimshee is Our Friend

I thought I would throw out a little follow-up on the Kimchee/kimshee adventure of January 3rd, 2011.

As it turns out, that Kimshee lasted about a month in the refrigerator.  It did not go bad, it just got better and better and eventually found itself gone...

About three weeks ago I remade the same recipe except this time the following things were done differently:

  1. I bought the Napa Cabbage and went straight home to process it in a big bucket with sea salt instead of being a lazy arse and letting part of cabbage go bad. 
  2. I forget the Diakon Radish. BTW, why is it called rAAAdish and not rAEdish with a long "A"? So, when I went out I picked up the radish and added it the next day. No harm, no foul.  It worked!   
  3. The ratio of fresh ginger was higher and diced not sliced in the second batch. I say "fresh" but it was in the refrigerator leftover from the January 3 batch.
  4. The jar sat out on the counter fermenting for a week instead of just three days.

This past Saturday I tried it and drew the following conclusion:

  • It was a bit heavy in ginger in my opinion - however - I am not accustomed to ginger, so it may just be a preference issue.
  • It was a little darker than I remembered the first batch.
  • It tasted awesome in all other respects.
  • I did not get sick on it!

So, I call this a win and a success!

What did I learn?
Cut down on the ginger and even my picky mother will eat it with her meals.
Make a jar about every three weeks and I will have Kimshee year round.
Time to branch into a new recipe to see what happens.
Fish oil is interesting.

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